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Item types

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Available item types in KolXPD1:

- Experiment file: Root for all other items.
- Folder: All items can be organized in folders. Folders can have subfolder of unlimited level.
- Region: One spectrum as wave of X versus Y data.
- MultiView: Graph showing multiple spectra with many instant processing options. Can exist as an item or can be invoked by selecting more regions at one time.

Parameter-resolved experiment items:

- XPD/ARPES: 1D/2D angle scans - X-ray photoelectron diffraction, Band mapping, etc.
- Sequence: Time scans or general spectra sequences.
- NEXAFS/ResPES/...: 1D scans by primary energy (using monochromator at synchrotron) - ResonantPES, NEXAFS, etc.
- EDAC: Results of EDAC2 calculated XPD pattern. 2D angle data, each angle point contains only a number - calculated intensity.

- Cluster: Cluster file for EDAC2 XPD pattern calculations.
- Notes: HTML or plain text.
- Image browser: Browser e.g. for LEED patterns.

Non-data items for experiment logging:

- sputtering
- heating
- sputtering of hot sample
- exposure by a gas
- deposition



1 - If using MS Internet Explorer you need version 8.0+ to display item icons and other inline images in KolXPD html notes. Firefox and others browser are without problems.

2 - Electron Diffraction in Atomic Clusters - F. J. García de Abajo, M. A. Van Hove, and C. S. Fadley, Phys. Rev. B 63, 75404 (2001).


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