Fitting with independent parameters

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KolXPD Tutorial - Fitting tutorial

(under construction, version 2011/04/04)


This article describes tutorial, which you can download at or directly by this link.


Au4f (independent parameters)

Select this region, click on FITTING button and explore an example how to fit with independent parameters.

Using add peak button , you can add background and peaks. Parameters of each peak will be added to the table. Peaks are marked by colors both in the table and in the chart.

With add parameter button , you can add a parameter - a number, which can be fitted or calculated by an expression. Parameters can be used in expressions and are useful anywhere, where you need to bind some parameters of peaks by non-constant values, that can be fitted. Independent parameters are added in the table and look like a regular peak with only one parameter. They are referenced in expression in same way - prmX, where X is a number from column P# ("peek number").

Examples of use:


- this describes first version of independent parameters. If someone has comments or ideas, please write me.

- expressions still know only +,-,*,/ operators and don't know operator preference rules and (,). Will improve soon ...

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